Edaph is the All-God over the Eighty-Eighth Creation.  He fathered thirteen children, all of whom were tasked with a specific task within creation.  He fought against his son Mortan in the First War Amongst Gods and against his son Lysander in the Second War Amongst Gods.  He was felled by The Arbiter after attempting to destroy the 88th Creation.  He is also known as the God-King. Father-God, and the Failure God amongst other diety-like beings.

Children: Mortan, Urashin, Tormas, Summael, Bovis, Yatorl, Leonardo, Taemol, Neosgradard, Ura, Shilvat, Lyianada, Lysander


Upon his death, he was shattered. His Blood, Mind, Soul, and Flesh were all split up and spread over creation. They formed the God-Crystals, Low-Gods, ??, and the ?? respectively.